Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Review: Dream

Dream by Kyra Selby

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He dreamt of her for years... 
She heard his voice in her most desperate of times... 

The last thing seventeen-year-old Ava Evans needed was boy trouble. Moving from the bustling New York City to a small town in Oklahoma, all Ava wanted was some peace. Not the glare of certain dark eyes. But this wasn’t just any typical teenage boy trouble. This was downright bizarre and though she would never admit it aloud, intriguing. 
And charming and popular and not too bad on the eyes. Yes, eighteen year-old Miles Greyson seemed to be your typical All-American boy, beloved by his many friends and the residents of the small town he lived in. And he got along with just about anyone and everyone. 
…Except Ava. Their first disastrous meeting ending in a bloody nose and a trip to the hospital leaves Ava thoroughly confused. Because Miles seemed to hate her even before all that. Upon first glance to be exact. 
Trying to navigate the nefarious world of high school with mean girls, new friends, and awkward unrequited crushes, Ava begins to slowly unravel the mystery that is Miles Greyson while doing her best not to get distracted by Miles himself. 
All the while Miles is unraveling her, leading them both to a startling revelation that changes everything. Impossible dreams, enchanting feelings, and the whisper of a magical wish... 

Young Adult and Older Recommended

My Review: 4.0 out of 5 stars  A Sweet Romance

Although not being really my cup of tea, sometimes, I do venture in the world of pure and simple romance just to break a little from all the action, adventure and bloody fights, and in rare occasions I do end enjoying the read as was the case with Dream.
Kyra surprised me with a very endearing love story with just the right amount of humor. So if I liked it so much, how come I didn’t give it five stars? Well, as I said before, this is not really my favorite genre, and it lacked some action and danger, but was good enough to keep me reading all night what only happens when I’m really into the story.
Ava is an average teenager, who had to deal with her mother’s illness and subsequent death when she was just twelve years old. Now she has seventeen, but the baggage she carries is not light and she struggles to overcome her loss and depression.
Miles is the golden boy of the small city, loved and admired by everyone, but he also went through a lot of pain in the past, and is struggling to overcome his issues very much like Ava.
So, there is not much suspense, and Miles’ secrets aren’t that hard to guess, especially taking in account that the author just went and revealed them in the synopsis, but even without it the story captured my attention and in no time I was fuming and laughing right along with Ava and her friends.
I also loved the carefree and spirited Pixie (Ava’s new best friend), but was a little disappointed with Sophie... She would have made an excellent villain if there was such a thing in this story.

I recommend the book to all who loves young romance and an easy, light read.

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