Review Policy

I will review only books from the genres I like. This is not my job and I’m only doing this because I want, so that makes sense. If you ignore this wish and send me your book as a kindle gift, it will be converted in a gift card and you will have lost your money.
I don’t receive any kind of payment for my reviews other than the pleasure of doing what i love most – reading, but I do expect that if you are requesting my help, you at least can follow my blog and befriend me on facebook and goodreads, after all those are the places where I will post the reviews.
I will only post reviews from books I liked, meaning that I gave them three, four or five stars. If I am unable to give those to your book, I will send a private message via e-mail and let you know why I didn’t like it. It’s up to you to be a mature person and accept the honest opinion of other people. Not everyone thinks alike and I have the right to like or dislike your book as everyone else.
If you do not accept kindly my opinion and decides to act like a spoiled child sending me harassing messages, I will expose you and your message and no one will want to write reviews for you again.

What I like to read: YA fiction novels, proper for ages 14 and above, with teenagers as main characters and with romance and a lot of action in them, this is a must. That includes a vast number of subgenres, but read carefully the things I don’t like to be sure your book do not stand there. I do love werewolves stories and have a thing for strong female characters with a temper problem. I also love magic and have a weak side for bad boys (who doesn’t?).

What I don’t like: Dumb main characters (if I think the main charactarer is “too dumb to live”, the book is dead for me and you will receive those exact words in your e-mail), vampires (ancient beings falling in love with teenagers full of angs creeps me out). Well, just to give you an idea, I hated the Twilight Saga, but at the same time I loved Vampire Academy, Blue Bloods and My Blood Aproves, so who knows? I dont’t like much stories about faeries, I don’t know why, but if you think you have a good enough story to keep me up give it a try. I also don’t like historical romances.

What I will not read at all: erotica, non-fiction, adult themes, incest, pedophilia, depressive books, novellas, short stories, biographys, historical romances, anthologies, poetry, racism, sexism, rapes, religious or political themes, books from a series if it is not the first one or if I hadn’t read the previous ones.

There is no guarantee that I will review your book right away, or even that I will review it at all. If I decide to review it you will be informed, if you don’t hear anything from me that does not mean your book is not good enough, it could mean just that I didn’t have time enough to read it yet, either way do not send me messages of any kind to ask about it. I will contact you if I’m interested.
I only read and review books in kindle form, sent to my e-mail as a gift. If you want me to read any other, send a message first and wait for my return, otherwise it will be deleted.
If you still want me to take a  look at your book, send an e-mail to with the following information:
- The subject must be: Book Review Request.
- You must say that you read and agreed with this Review Policy. (If this is not the first thing I see, the message will be deleted right away).
- Informations about the book such as cover, short blurb, links to the page on Amazon and Goodreads.
- Information about the author, a short biography, links to profiles and blogs.
- I shouldn't have to say this but it seems people don't get it at all, if you are asking me for my support, the least you can do is show me your support first by joining this blog.
- All my reviews will be posted here, at Goodreads and Amazon.